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Alessandro Ienzi’s “Like a Criminal”: An Inspiring Tale of Liberation, Personal Growth, and Empowerment

We are delighted to announce that the mesmerizing and powerful video exhibition, “Like A Criminal,” will be featured at the International Salon of Artists MocADnft 2023. This collaborative masterpiece is created by the incredibly talented artists Alessandro Ienzi (@alessandro_ienzi) and Ahmad Khalaf (@ahmadmkhalaf), in association with Teatro Raizes (@teatro.raizes). This poignant piece tells the story of Ahmad’s courageous escape from discrimination due to his sexuality and his journey towards self-expression, acceptance, and freedom in a new land.

“Like A Criminal” is a video exhibition created by Alessandro Ienzi with Ahmad Khalaf; the video tells the story of Ahmad, who in his early twenties left his homeland to escape the discrimination he suffered for his sexuality. Arrived in Belgium, he was able to build a different life, and feel part of a community, which welcomed him and allowed him to express his freedom. The video mixes a performance by Ahmad with the words collected in one of his video interviews; it was then transformed by Alessandro Ienzi and Costanza La Bruna into a cartoon, in which the floral backdrop mixes with the image of Ahmad’s face, the audio was also manipulated with the collaboration of Emiliano Olocco, based in Los Angeles. The story thus started from Jerusalem, arrived in Brussels, and passed from hand to hand up to Palermo and Los Angeles. A manifesto of freedom, against the obvious and the culture imposed following our birth, which leaves no room for self-discovery.”

The Art of Resilience, Transformation, and Personal Growth

Alessandro Ienzi’s distinctive artistic vision, combined with Khalaf’s inspiring story, creates a deeply moving and visually stunning piece. The work features an animated cartoon, where a lush floral backdrop beautifully intertwines with Ahmad’s face, symbolizing the growth, transformation, and blooming of one’s true identity when embraced by a supportive and accepting community. With the help of Emiliano Olocco’s captivating audio manipulation, this artwork transcends borders and cultures, as it travels from Jerusalem to Brussels, Palermo, and Los Angeles, creating a global tapestry of shared human experiences.

A Manifesto for Freedom, Self-Expression, and Solidarity

Alessandro Ienzi, a multifaceted artist and passionate advocate for human rights, is known for giving voice to the underprivileged and using art as a vehicle for promoting peace, international cooperation, and empathy. “Like A Criminal” is a testament to the power of art in creating awareness, fostering understanding, and building bridges between different cultures and communities. The artwork has been presented at various prestigious platforms, such as the International Human Rights Art Festival in New York, the European Union’s Forum of Fundamental Rights, and the Fondation Boghossian residency program in Brussels.

Experience the Power of Art: A Call to Action and Reflection at MocADnft 2023

As part of the International Salon of Artists MocADnft 2023, “Like A Criminal” serves as a call to action for individuals and societies to reevaluate their preconceived notions, embrace diversity, and create inclusive environments that allow everyone to flourish. The artwork invites viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery, introspection, and growth, urging them to stand up against discrimination and prejudice, and to be compassionate allies to those who face adversity. It is a must-see for anyone seeking to be moved and inspired by the transformative power of art and its ability to create meaningful change in the world.

“Like a Criminal” by Alessandro Ienzi is a breathtaking masterpiece that showcases the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of community. Through Ahmad Khalaf’s journey, the artwork inspires us to overcome adversity, embrace our true selves, and find a sense of belonging in a world that often seeks to marginalize us. The artwork is a must-see for anyone seeking to be moved and inspired by the power of art.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be inspired by “Like A Criminal” and its remarkable message of resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative power of community at the International Salon of Artists MocADnft 2023. This masterpiece serves as a beacon of hope and encouragement for everyone seeking their own path towards freedom, self-expression, and a sense of belonging, regardless of the challenges that life may present.

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